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mystery app
slumberbug app


A simple and flexible way to stay on top of your sleep.  Recharge your energy by getting enough sleep every day, and track the stats the matter.


Manage the standby power consumption of your household appliances.  Began as a project at PioneerHacks, now available on the App Store.

phantasma app
playtunes app


In collaboration with MusikYoshi, Inc., a practice app for young musicians.  Guided exercises with fun tunes.

Other Award-Winning Apps

uproot app


WWDC Scholarship Winner

An interactive visualization of the Tonnetz lattice representing tonal space.  Users can navigate via neo-Riemannian transformations to create chord progressions.

uproot app


International Women’s Hackathon 1st Place + Best UI; Technovation 2019 2nd Place; Paradigm Challenge Finalist

Mobile app that uses computer vision to identify noxious and invasive weed species, and provides plant information and management tools.

virally app


Technovation 2018 Semifinalist

Crowdsourcing app targeted at American youth that facilitates the process of organizing and promoting protests.  Recommends relevant protests for users to attend.

burble app


2nd Place at PixelHacks; Featured by Devpost

Site + mobile app that encourages environmentally sustainable showers.  A game where the user must finish their shower before a short, personalized playlist finishes playing.

earthpoints app


Released on App Store, Summer 2016

The app that started it all.  Earthpoints helped users measure their impact on the environment and awarded points for positive behavior.

dejuice app


1st Place at AnitaHacks

Site + mobile app that uses machine learning to help the colorblind choose safe foods to eat.  Also provides a forums as a go-to for tips.


sidney hough

Hey, thanks for stopping by!  My name is Sidney Hough.  I founded Stackcat and have been designing and developing apps since 2016.

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